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How To Fix Kodi Pair Error 2019 | Olpair, Vidup.me, Tvad.me, TheVideo.me, OpenLoad

how to fix kodi pair error olpair vidupme tvadme openload

If you have been a regular Kodi app user, you probably came by an error called the “Olpair Kodi Error”. This error comes with a message, saying you are not allowed to play any video without authorization. Of course, no one expects any error in their daily driver app and you must be thinking why this message appeared at all.

As the error suggests, it occurs when there’s a malfunction in Kodi and openload.com pair. Olpair not working is fairly common in Kodi app. So, in this guide, we will first look at what is Openload pair and how to connect to Olpair; and then, how to fix Olpair if it’s not working in Kodi.

What Is OpenLoad & OlPair

Openload is a host website which contains a massive amount of video content with good bandwidth. All Kodi users use this host at some point to stream movies and other video content because it’s free to use. But being a free-to-use host, Openload experiences a lot of traffic which sometimes becomes too much to take for the host’s server. This is when the server starts blocking entries from ‘fake’ Kodi users and demands a verified IP address to regain access.

To tackle this unwanted blocking issue, Tknorris, a developer in Kodi, created Olpair. When you pair your Kodi with Openload through the pair website, authentic user data gets included in the site’s own analytics report. This pairing also includes solving a captcha to declassify you as a robot, as is usual in most sites. Openload pairing is also useful because it lets the paired users find whatever they are looking for by filtering through all the content. Kodi users rely on Olpair because it makes the user experience much smoother and hassle free.

Now, let’s look at the methods you can fix this issue with.

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How To Fix OlPair Error On Kodi

Method 1: Pair Your Ip Address

One of the simpler and more convenient ways to fix olpair not working would be to pair your IP address with the openload server. It cannot be called a permanent solution, but it still gives you access to your favorite shows or movies.

However, before we begin, it is important to mention that you should use a reliable VPN while using Kodi and Olpair. The Internet is a place where your identity always remains at risk of exposure. Authentic IP address reveals your actual location anywhere in the world, and you don’t want any trouble because of it. What VPN does is that it hides your real IP and replaces it with a pseudo-address, masking your presence on the Internet. VPN gives you more privacy and security from virtual threats. For this method, we will assume you have your VPN installed.

Step 1 – Enabling the VPN

As mentioned earlier, VPN is essential in apps such as Kodi and the recommended VPNs are those which give stable IP addresses. Enable it on your device.

Step 2 – Opening a Browser

Now, you will need to open a HTML5 supported web browser, which should also support the latest scripts and codes. Chrome, Mozilla or Safari are your best options here.

Step 3 – Go to the OlPair Website

Next, you will need to type a URL address to start the pairing. Navigate to your address bar on the browser and type “https://olpair.com” in it and press “Enter”. Once the page loads completely, your public IP address will be shown. You will need that to pair so that you can stream the content from openload or other similar sites.

Step 4 – Make sure you are not a robot

Now, you need to prove yourself to be a human to the captcha. You will see a message “I’m not a robot” with a checkbox beside it. Tick that box to verify the captcha.

Step 5 – Click The Pair button

Congratulations! You are now successful in pairing your IP address with https://openload.co and olpair.com servers. Close the browser and now go to Kodi add-ons to have undisturbed streaming experience for the next four hours.

Four hours may sound very limited, but given the simplicity of this method, it’s a rather win-win situation. Make sure you are not logged out of the VPN at any point.

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Method 2 – Disable The Hosters With Captchas Within Kodi

If you are not comfortable going through the pairing process it’s ok because there is another way you can bypass the openload pair issue. This solution is inside Kodi itself- you could block streaming sites which require captcha authentication. For this to work, you have disable ‘Hosters with Captchas’. This is effective and simple as well; but the drawback is that you might lose some very good streaming sites such as Openload itself.

Note that there is no way to just turn virtually all hosters off from captcha service. You have to do it one by one. Simple but not hassle-free.

For this guide, we’ll be using Exodus addon as an example, but it works on all addons that support openload or other stream servers. Now, let’s get to the steps,

Step 1 – Open the Addon

First of all, you have to get to Add-ons from Kodi home screen and select Video Add-ons. Then, select Exodus.

Step 2 – “Tools”

After selecting the add-on, you will see multiple options. From there, scroll down and find “Tools”, select it.

Step 3 – “SETTINGS: Playback”

After Tools, you will see an option called “SETTINGS: Playback”. Select it and move towards the next step.

Step 4 – Disable Captcha

After selecting “Playback”, you will see a set of options on the right. Scroll to the section named “File Hosting Filters” and click on the toggle icon beside “Hosters with captchas” to disable it. Then click “Ok” to apply the new changes. Make sure “Playback” is selected on the left.

Congratulations, if you have followed all the steps correctly so far, the captcha service will now be closed. For best results, reload your add-on. There you go; you can now start streaming your shows and movies again. All the links that ask you to resolve captcha won’t be showing anymore in Kodi. Unlike the first method, this one will be permanent. You might miss out on quality stream contents but for resolving the issue, this method can be considered.

Is Olpair, Vidup.me, Tvad.me, TheVideo.me, OpenLoad Safe?

Is Olpair Safe Openload

With all these free options, sometimes it begs the question that whether these services are even safe to use. But long term Kodi users have said that servers like Openload or Tvad.me are safe because of the pairing requirements. It means extra protection of identity since the Internet is infested with malware and virus bots.

This authentication process done by the pairing servers makes sure they filter all of it by verifying your IP address. Also, by doing it, the servers provide better user experience as well. Overloaded servers are prone to crash and it isn’t exactly what users expect in streaming services. So, this filtering takes care of that problem as well.

Then again, these sites do use various licensed and copyrighted materials. And since you are streaming this licensed content without paying at all, you are still at risk.

Moreover, as you have paired your IP address with the host, your identity is already exposed to them. Albeit they don’t use these data for any purpose other than identifying you as their user, if they get caught in the web of lawsuits, they might be forced to release the user data to the authorities. This will lead to even more trouble.

This is where the VPN service comes in. With VPN, your identity is already hidden and it also serves the purpose of giving these hosts the IP addresses to give you access. With a newly assigned IP address, your Internet route will go through different channels, which makes you extremely hard to track down; almost impossible.

So, sites like Openload, Tvad, Vidup etc are more or less safe to use, if you know what you’re doing and take proper precautions. We definitely recommend using a reliable VPN.

Why Does OpenLoad Require Pair Authorization?

Compared to many other streaming sites, Openload provides much reliable stream services with quality bandwidth capacity. The volume of its video contents is huge and as a result, it attracts a large number of users from all over the world. The best part of all of it is the site is absolutely free to surf. But it also comes with a major shortcoming- the unstable traffic you will experience often. Because of its free status, Openload cannot use high quality resources to have all the traffic under control.

So, to compromise the situation, Kodi developers worked with Openload to create this temporary pairing feature in Openload called Olpair. This allows the users to visit a designated Openload website and pair their Kodi devices with Openload. The result is, the users will get 4 hours to freely surf Openload and all its contents; while Openload also gets a little ad revenue out of it. Without this, Openload might have stopped its free service.

What Does OpenLoad Pair Actually Do?

As mentioned above, Openload implemented this pairing service to stop overloading of user traffic from entering, and also to generate a little ad revenue to keep the resources to run the site’s streaming service. This traffic also includes fake traffics, bots etc. so pairing allows Openload to differentiate fake users from the real ones as they will provide authentic IP addresses.

With the IP information, Openload gets some analytic data of the users and registers them in their server. This data also gives the host a better understanding of their website, the user traffic, frequency etc. to implement more feature and services for the users.

One other thing this pairing does is that it forces you to solve the captcha to prove you’re not a robot. Bots may have free entry in their site but cannot bypass this forced authentication. What bots do is that they enter and start downloading videos automatically with existing codes which increases pressure on the server for regular users.

And lastly, let’s talk about the ad revenue a bit. Sites like Openload needs money to run efficiently and consistently. Usually such Kodi services don’t last long due to the shortage of funding. So, Openload uses ads to create a little revenue, so that their users don’t have to pay any charges.

How Often Do I Have to Pair with OpenLoad?

To separate fake traffic from real users, Openload had to come up with a solution that will make user experience much smoother. In order to do this, Openload implemented a temporary pairing service. Yes, it is not as great as permanent pairing, but it is good enough. Openload will allow users to pair with the streaming service for 4 hours maximum in one sitting. It means the moment a user will pair Kodi with Openload, they will get 4 hours of service from that moment onwards. After 4 hours, users will have to pair the devices again.

It is not a convenient long term solution, but this is what Openload is currently offering. You may find other ways to bypass, it but they are mostly not authentic or safe.

OpenLoad Alternatives

Openload is one of the best go-to sources for quality streaming experience. Its vast content array and convenience of use helps it stand out from a lot of its competitors. So, is there any better alternative for Openload services we don’t know of? As a matter of fact, there is one and that is Real-Debrid.

Real-Debrid is a downloader which allows user to easily download hosted files or instantly stream them in a dedicated web player. It works with VPN and also features high amount of quality streams. It removes any restriction in bandwidth from over 70 sources. The streaming opportunity is unlimited here, even more than Openload. But the main and only possible catch here is that it requires you to pay. It costs around $3.50 for 15 days of use and $19 for 180 days. The price isn’t that much when compared to the offer it’s giving.


Openload is a great free platform to enjoy quality content but of course, it comes with its fair share of inconvenience. We made this guide to address one of the most common problems everyone faces in using Openload pair service. Hopefully, this guide will help users understand what is Olpair and how to connect Olpair. Also, users who cannot get Olpair to work in their devices now know how to solve the issue. Then again, if you want to opt out from using it there are alternatives, which comes with its own share of pros and cons.